Pioneer School District Collective Bargaining Subcommittee

Tuesday, July 16, 6:00 pm
PVRS Conference Room - 97F Sumner Turner Road (Northfield)

Collective Bargaining & Personnel Subcommittee Meeting

Tuesday, July 16, 2024 at 6:00 p.m.
PVRS Conference Room, 97 F. Sumner Turner Road, Northfield

  1. Call to Order
  2. Citizens’ comments
  3. Superintendent’s Education Evaluation Goals for 2024-2025: Review of draft
  4. Executive Session: M.G.L. c. 30A, s. 21(a) (3):
  1. To discuss strategy with respect to collective bargaining with the teachers association and support personnel if an open meeting may have a detrimental effect on the bargaining position of the public body and the Chair so declares;

not to return to open session

  1. Adjourn

Posted at 6:00 PM on Wednesday, July 10, 2024 by Paul McLatchy III, Town Clerk

Pioneer Collective Bargaining Personnel Agenda 2024-07-16 (2024-07-10 at 5:26 PM)